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Aalnyar Korianthil

    Moon Elf Bladesinger — Chaotic Good 
          Created by Aalnyar


Stats / Appearance

Character Picture
Gender Male
Age 130
Status Long-term Relationship
Alias aal
Gamescape FR Story Forge
Location Forgotten Realms - Cormanthor
Bladesinger: 40 (Wizard: 15 - Fighter:5 - Bladesinger: 20)

Strength: 18
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 17
Wisdom: 10
Intelligence: 20
Charisma: 11

Current Age: 130 years old Born: 8 Nightal, 1255 DR, Year of the Raging Flame Born under the Sign of the Stone and with 3rd Qtr Selûne under the sign of the Swan
Those born under the sign of the Stone are complex, tenacious and fearless. Proud and independent, they have great strength of character and rarely compromise. They thrive on challenge and have an innate belief in their own destiny.
Those born with Selûne under the sign of the Swan are discriminating, authoritative and set high personal standards. They appear cool and detached but are secret romantics and can be sensitive, vulnerable and self critical. Keenly perceptive, they have an eye for detail and refined aesthetic taste.
Neap Tide (Istishia) The Forest Communion of the Crescent Moon ("Lateuquor")

Physical Statistics
Height: 6 feet, 1 inches
Weight: 150 lbs
Skin Tone: Naturally tanned, a faint pigment of blue in his skin.
Eye Color: blue eyes (gold flecks)
Hair: Black (blue highlights)
Unique features:
Skin Texture: smooth, Scar on right shoulder from a riding accident, scar on right hand from shattering his blade while deflecting a strike at Kira from Krantar Fiery Wing of Pazuzu.

Items of Note:

Goth Namba (The Foe Hammer):
Crafted in Myth Anauthuril in 20 Uktar, 1375DR, by Aalnyar Korianthil

The long sword has a blade of pure Silver and Mithrill with golden cross-guard and pommel which is stylized in the image of a Gold Dragon head clutching a large sapphire in its mouth, elvish runes are visible along the blade near the cross guard. The sword glows with a silvery Gold light and sings with the sound of several voices an Ancient Elven battle hym which grows louder in the presence of evil, the sound of the blade seems to only be heard by those of good disposition (alignment) while sheathed. On a listen check DC17 a lone beautiful femal’s voice can be heard among the chorus that the blade sings with (voice of Kira Lelyn, Aalnyars Mate).


Blessed by the Goddess Eilistraee during a ceremony performed by Kira Le'lyn, friend of Aalnyar and worshiper of the Dancing Goddess. During the ceremony Eilistraee spoke to Aalnyar telling him that both he and Kira were being watched by her and to keep a strong heart for the coming trials.

Taken to Myth Anauthuril to the Temple of the Seldarine, and with his cousin MarquelieIthil, the temples entire staff of priest and priestess and the High Priest of Corellon was blessed by the entire of the Seldarine Patheon.

Goth Namba has seen a lot of action in its short time here; the sword has slain Demons by the score and started to become known by those of the Abyss. Was used to help slay The Wing of Pazuzu one of Pazuzu’s captains and also faced the Demon lord on two occasions, the abyss and Myth Drannor the City of Song; The sword continues to gain in power and reputation as time and experience allow it to grow.

DM Note: due to the previous RP of the character and the weapon it can be played that those of Abyssal or Hellish Origin who see the blade drawn get a lore check and negative reaction to the weapons wielder..

+2 enhancement
+4 enh. vs evil
Fire 1d6
dam bonus vs outsiders (2xd6)
dam bonus vs Elves (drow) (2xd6)
Massive criticles (1d6)

Amulet/Locket: a blending of both drow and moon elf styles crafted in the manner of a locket (crafted for Aalnyar by Life mate Kira Le'lyn; made from Mithril and silver, master quality.

Contained within a lock of silver hair from his mate Kira Lelyn who made for him to show her feelings for Aalnyar.

Additional Information Life mate Kira Le'lyn: Drow Sorc/Bard of Eilistraee
"I walk in the light but darkness surrounds me; Mighty are the foes of my people; I am their shield; My blood for their blood, My life for their life; My sword and I are one; We will serve our people and The Elven Way. I have sworn this Oath upon my life; This day and forever, I name myself Bladesinger."


Luys Cresentmoon

Close Friend
Kira Le'lyn


  Page 1 of    1   Character has 2 ties.

Description Summary:

Attitude: Soft spoken but with a streak of iron when the situation needs more seriousness. mastering the Bladesong. (Styles - Gyrlaszthraen “Swift Strike Hunting Bird, Ileleste - Falling Rain )

Under Alabyrans Tutulage has become more focused but is also more outgoing;his former fraustration with bladesong has gone and he has a confidence he did not have before.

He is also studying why the crown wars happened and has come to the conclusion that he will do his best to not emulate the ideas that had caused the strife which forshadowed the Crown War events.

Biographical Summary

Mother is Shanyrria Korianthil a Mage of Silverymoon, she fought against the invaders of Silverymoon in 1235 Year of the Black Horde when the warlord and his orc army breached the mistic defenses. Mother was injured while helping Lady Alustriel and her other mages drive the invaders back.

Shanyrria in 1252 Year of the Empty Goblet moved to an area of of the Neverwinter Woods where the Neverwinter river met the Morgur River.

During 1253 the Year of Beckoning Death she met Markoth Tahlshara a Ranger/Knight in service to Malchor Harpell Master of the "Tower of Twilite" former aid of Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun. They were soon married and in 1255 Aalnyar Tahlshara was born.

During the first 70 years of his life he had a normal Elvish childhood, when he reached his 75th year his father and mother starting training him heavly in the magical arts and the art of the sword, his father having learned the Bladesong style earlier in life.

His father saying I have tought you what I can, to become a true Bladesinger he would have to go to Evermeet and apprentice under the masters there in House Korianthil. His Mother's distant cousin Marikoth Korianthil would see to his needs while he trained in Evermeet.

During the next few years he trained with the masters of bladesong and masters of magery, in his 120th year he was told by his teacher that for some reason he could not attain the level of mastery he needed to be considered a True El'Tael and that he was going to be sent to the Cormanthyr Dig Site to speak to some of the masters there to see if they could help him obtain true form and master the Bladesong.

Journal Entries

Journal Name Timeline Created
Dolphins Dance the Moonlit Path begins 1373 DR 01 November 2010
A Song Begins a Path is Shown 1373 DR 01 November 2010
Path of the Bladesinger - So It Begins 1374 DR 20 July 2010
The Tempering 1374 DR 20 July 2010
Desperate Measures 1375 DR 20 July 2010
A Friend in Need 1374 DR 01 November 2010
Fools Errand 1374 DR 01 November 2010
The Journey within 1374 DR 20 July 2010
The Blending 1374 DR 20 July 2010
The Beginning 1374 DR 20 July 2010
Long Journey: 1374 DR 20 July 2010
Fraustration 3 Uktar, 1375 DR 20 July 2010
Battle beneath Shadowed Leaves 1375 DR 20 July 2010
Task at Hand 1375 DR 20 July 2010
Rebirth of a Legend 1375 DR 20 July 2010
Battle beneath the forest 1375 DR 20 July 2010
Blessing of the Moon 1375 DR 20 July 2010
Seed of Darkness 1375 DR 20 July 2010
Battle in the City of Song Part I 1375 DR 20 July 2010
Out of the Frying Pan and into the Abyss: 1375 DR 01 November 2010
Angelic Request 1375 DR 20 July 2010
Blood and Fire 1375 DR 20 July 2010
Rage of Fiends 1375 DR 20 July 2010
Unwanted Guest 1375 DR 20 July 2010
Tale of Three Hearts 1375 DR 20 July 2010
Betrayal in the Abyss 1375 DR 20 July 2010
Darkest Day 1375 DR 20 July 2010
United We Sing a Blade Reborn 1376 DR 20 July 2010
Battle in the City of Song Part II 1376 DR 20 July 2010
Out with the Old in with the New 1376 DR 20 July 2010
Ashabenford 1376 DR 20 July 2010
New Town Old Foes 1376 DR 20 July 2010
Town in Peril 1376 DR 20 July 2010
The Councils answer 1376 DR 20 July 2010
Aid from a Friend 1376 DR 20 July 2010
Attack from the Depths 1376 DR 20 July 2010
Battle at the River 1376 DR 20 July 2010
Hearts Divided Souls in Pain 1376 DR 20 July 2010
Temple of Death 1376 DR 20 July 2010
Search of a Friend 1376 DR 20 July 2010
Seeking the Sage 1376 DR 20 July 2010
A Friend Lost 1376 DR 20 July 2010
Hearts Promise as Souls Embrace 1376 DR 20 July 2010
Request of a Friend 1376 DR 20 July 2010
A Promise Kept 1376 DR 20 July 2010
Knowledge Sought the Sage Discovered 1376 DR 20 July 2010
the Trial of Alabyran 1376 DR 10 August 2010
Dark Memories Paths of Redemption 1376 DR 01 November 2010
Royal Request 1376 DR 01 November 2010
Knights of Myth Drannor The Circle Closed 1376 DR 20 July 2010
Hidden Tower Knights Refuge 1376 DR 20 July 2010
A New Beginning 1376 DR 01 November 2010
Call of Twilight 1376 DR 10 August 2010
Namaarie amin corm (Farewell my heart) 1376 DR 01 November 2010
Voice in the Night   01 November 2010
The Return 1377 DR 01 November 2010
Request for Unusual Aid 1377 DR 01 November 2010
The Nishruu 1377 DR 01 November 2010
Plane Hopping - The Arrival FR1378 02 August 2015
Memories of Shadow FR1378 02 August 2015
The Search Begins FR1378 02 August 2015

Group Membership

Group Name Joined on
The Realm of Faerun.
"Faerun is a world among many in the forgotten realms Multiverse and so is accessible to many different beings. Stories of legend and stories never to be told have and will unfold here, weather in the great cities or in the lonely wilderness. Who is to say? But we of the Ancients know…… stories will be told."
16 August 2009
Crescent Moon Inn
"Through storm and rain, and sun and snow, the Crescent Moon Inn has stood for over one hundred years. It has prospered under the capable management of Zyne, a tall and elegant half drow. She has been a favorite among all the patrons, both regular and new, for her charm and grace and ability to diffuse fights with ease. The Crescent Moon is a popular haunt for adventurers, both new and experienced, and is praised across Faerun for its fine wines and food, and excellent service. It is a favored stop for many travelers and merchants on their journies. All are welcome in the Inn, no matter if they be Drow or Tiefling or anything else, and strong, fair guards under the command and pay of Nyssa ensure no fights break out between any of the patrons. Upon entering the first floor you are located in the tavern. it is a large room full tables surrounded by chairs. a long bar with stools dotted along it. on the opposite wall is located a large stage where performers entertain the people. behind the bar leads to the wonderful kitchen that serves hundreds of dishes and cuisines from all over the realms. The second floor is the location of the bath houses, men's and women's. stone heated pools center each side with a shallow and deep end. benches and short tables surround the deck. twords the back are located the two steam rooms and a masseuse's room for relaxing massages. The top two floors contain all rooms and suites for guest, ranging in sizes from very grand to simple. surround the whole establishment is a large garden with a bush maze centering and many fountains and flora. behind the Inn is located the stables where workers care and board ones mount. "
16 October 2010
Wanderer's Twilight
"This is a land of adventure, with magic, mythological beings, epic battles, and deep passions. Come and weave a tale."
25 October 2011

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