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Kira Le'lyn

    Drow Sorc / bard — Chaotic Neutral 
          Created by star23_16


Stats / Appearance

Gender Female
Age 78
Status Long-term Relationship
Alias kira
Gamescape FR Story Forge
Location Forgotten Realms - Cormanthor
Strength: 12
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 10
Wisdom: 10
Intelligence: 18
Charisma: 18

Physical Statistics
Height: 4'8
Skin Tone: light dark , almost carrying a bluish touch to it
Eye Color: Changeable but normal Slight Redish Hue - eyes tend to grow redder when she are angry or upset.Yellow eyes usually denote illness, disease, poisoning, or the presence of certain detrimental magics.
Hair: Silverish
Unique features: silver hair , skin with the blueish touch to it
Skin Texture: smooth

Long silverish hair reach little below the shoulders and her body is lithe, slim, and graceful in build, she pratical is slender as a hourglass and quite beautifull , if one can look pass her heritage . unlike most female drow she dont look strong either. her skin is light dark , carrying almost a blueish touch when light relfect in certain ways . her voice can change fast depending on her mood , from a almost musical light to a dark and distant tone .

Additional Information Deity : Eilistraee


Kira normal is the quiet type . she often stand still in the background or sitting among people fully robed and hood and just listening, with she do activitly and pupposely. among friends or allies she change . she oftens seen speaking with them and also give a chuckle and blunt jest now and then . if she need to prove her point she often become huntfull blunt to prove it. though general if spoken to she appears friendly enough.

Kira also carry a rather short fuse from being a Drow . she often get upset or outright angry if not frustrated when pushed , with often dont mix well with her faith. she still carry some of the meanings and view point from home even she dont show it often or try to ignore it .

she see males as lesser and often prefer the company of females over them. she still fear some aspect of feelings as she find it tricky to deal with . she is also quite Lustfull though it had become more vague on pupose and sheer will power. Kira also have a upmost repect for the Underdark and the dangers,staying away mostly . even it is where she feel most at home. she can get jealous on others , more so if it around love. She had accepted one male as mate , A Elf named Aalynar Korianthil

she hate the old games and words play around deception and manipulation from home even she will use them herself if needed.

Combat tactic: Kira lean heavy to cold magic either by trying to make the opponents loss conscience or outright kill them if she have to. Like most caster she prefer to keep a distance but she far from a pushover in melee with her bardic magic. She also use curses be it from song or magic to try and weaken a opponents.
Quotes "Not everyting is black and white .."


Aalnyar Korianthil


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Kira was raised in a Llothian city of Menzoberranzanin Underdark . single daughter of a commoner house and quickly learned the harsh way her people lived on. her sorcery powers caused trouble for her mother who wanted Kira as priestess but due to a incident where she blinded a priestess she got toss out of the house and lived in the city slums. She prove exceptional fast learner to new situations as this, though she rather often ended doing mistake from lack of wisdom due to her age. Some years later through hardship she took the decision to leave before she would die with her low status. She manage to escape by hiding in a large trading wagon, lucky for her it was carrying food and she could use in a crate. Not knowing where it was heading she bid her time rather then risk the danger of the underdark.

After what felt like endless cycles the wagon stopped and she heard fighting. The wagon got slammed by something large and tipped over and she saw a huge umberhulk fighting the guards, in the chaos she fled down the tunnels and she ended wandering scared for a long time until she found herself on surface. She cursed each day with it bright orb that burning her eyes out even she found shelter and shade.

This lifestyle kept going for a few years where she hold low profile and travel doing the night , she ended understanding Common better although speaking it was still a small tricky thing to do .

She was trying to spy and listen on a small group she found ,only to be discovered and fearing death by the Elf's hand in the group , to her surprise she was helped up and she saw the pendant of Eilistraee around the Elf's neck , confused and surprise she asked and he slowly thought her of Eilistraee and learned she was in Cormanthor. She stayed with the Eilistraeens for a while since and then she had taken up the faith. she slowly become more accustom to friends and earn a few while she ended studying the Dogma more closely and often acted as a advisor for the few that had buisness with the Eilistraeens in the region. she met Aalnyar who she ended trusted with her life..almost and since he been a important person to her.

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created on 16-Aug-2009     last edited 06-July-2018

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