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Reiner Cyric

          Created by Dart


Stats / Appearance

Gender Male
Age 19
Status Single
Alias reiner_cyric
Gamescape FR Story Forge
Reiner stands at just shy of six feet with dark brown hair and green eyes. He stands almost as if he's better than everyone else in the room, often with a smirk or a grin like he's in on a secret. Even though his slender build makes him look weak, under his heavy coat Reiner has muscles that suggest he does more than just pawn valuable for a living.


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Group Membership

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New Caldonia
"New Caldonia, a small country recently formed by revolution just a few years ago. The ruler, High Lord Arrin Calder was forced to take the throne early after his father's hunting accident. Trying to navigate treacherous political waters he tries to keep the country alive from threats internal and external. With every one watching him, even the slightest mistake can be fatal. Two churches are vying for spiritual domination while the lords and ladies of the Nobles' Assembly are looking for ways to strengthen their own situations. To make matters worse, strange smoke billows from the Caldonian Mage's Society grounds on a regular basis, and this is just in the capital! Outside of the city, patrols have gone missing. Bandits are growing in number out in the farmlands, and rumor has it that necromancers have been playing where they shouldn't be. Also, will someone put those pesky rumors about demons to rest? The populace is uncertain enough with a young ruler at the helm."
07 November 2017

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created on 07-Nov-2017     last edited 07-Nov-2017

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